Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Well it is that time of year when the weather starts getting warmer and buyers and sellers start thinking about buying and selling  Lake lanier real estate. Most people start putting there Lake Lanier home properties for sale in the spring. That is when lake is usually at full pool and the warm weather has kick in and people start getting there boats out on the lake. After a cold winter like we had the last couple of years people want to get on the water. Many home buyers have been looking for a long time and are waiting for more Lake Lanier Homes for Sale in forsyth county
Today buyers are much more educated because of the internet. Before I meet with most buyers today they have already check on the taxes , how much you paid for it, they have looked at the legal description and looked on google maps to see what it looks like. So if you are seller and trying to overprice your home Good luck with that because most buyers have already done there home work on your property.Buyers today look at over 200-500 homes on internet before they go out in the there car or lake lanier real estate agent . I always let buyers know that there is not one perfect property on Lake Lanier for sale because there are going to be trade offs. Like for example deep water , open view of lake, How steep lot is or terrain of the property, Location on the lake North or South Part. Ga 400 or I 985 side. and Dock size cover ,party deck single slip or double slip ,power to dock,  boat hoist etc... The number one thing I always get from buyers is " Do they have deep year around water" I explain to the buyer that this comes with a price. Another thing that I always get ask is lake lanier real estate lakefront foreclosures . Everybody thinks that a foreclosure is the best buy but in Truth  most lake lanier agents know this is not the case because one thing is that we do not have that many foreclosures on lake and when we do everybody goes crazy on them and usually over pays for them. Also most foreclosure need a lot of work and when you come to the lake that is the last thing on your mind is more work because you probably already work at your full time job 40-60 hours in the week. 
When trying to find a waterfront property on lake lanier you should find agent who knows the lake very well because it can save you a lot of money and TIME..Writing a contract on a proptery is the most important part of buying a lake property on Lake Lanier because this is where most buyers make a Huge mistake when they go alone.. You need a buyers agent to make sure you are getting the right representation. " Someone who is looking out for your best interest. If you knew how many time when I went to list somebody lake house on Lake Lanier and they did not have agent helping them where I saw so much money lost because the buyer did not know better.. This lake is huge. It has over 600 miles of shoreline.The lake just got some great news .The hall county just got a new rescue boat.Hall county Fire services .  So contact Brian Canty with Realty Professionals at 678-614-9197 or email him at Rprobc@aol.com with any questions that you have on buying a Lake Lanier home.